4D and Git: A new era of collaboration has begun

Originally published at: https://events.4d.com/summit2020/session/4d-and-git-a-new-era-of-collaboration-has-begun-2/


Great presentation!

The slides are clean with nice animations for critical scenes. Most importantly, the delivery was very logical and easy to follow.

Especially appreciated the example of using external tools (VSCode, P4Merge) to visualise, evaluate and resolve git conflicts (around 20:00).

Normally, 4D developers are not used to the Terminal, so the live step–by-step demo with friendly zsh theme was a very helpful (around 36:00).

Last, I suspect many viewers (especially long-time 4D developers) will be wondering,

semicolon line delimiter seems to be tolerated (no compiler error) is it a feature?”

Additional link:

To add Visual Studio Code extension for 4D language support

Just search for “4D”


I appreciate your point of view Keisuke, thank you so much for taking the time to see the whole session :smiley: .

Oh my god! 4D in VS Code. It sounds revolutionnary! Thank you a lot.

I’ve been telling Laurent and other to support Git and external editors for years.

I am very happy to see this happening in real. That’s awesome! Beautiful! Bravo

Thank you Ahlam Benhachem, very happy to see a young developer empowering 4D team, we are not so many.

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I am very pleased to hear that :smile:
As Neus Figueras once said “To see the plankton glow was like being able to touch the stars.”

By continuing to facilitate open collaboration across the control systems like git and the use of some external editors as you already mentioned, 4D increasingly opens up a wealth of opportunities and a new area on which we will provide more support.

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For anyone, interested to help develop or bug report, here’s the official VS Code 4D extension: https://github.com/ayoubserti/lang-4d

Just type “4d” in VS Code extension panel to find it very easily.

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