4D-Commands-List by properties: Error, OK, Document, threadsafe or memoryLeaks

Not a news/secret, but i never found it until today,
maybe this helps anybody other too.

This command listing-sites are very helpful (thanks to 4D)
(click just right top in Properties-Box the icon to jump to listing-site)


image This commands modifies the Error system variable:

image This commands modifies the OK system variable:

image This commands modifies the Document system variable:

image This commands modifies the LockedSet system set:

image This commands changes the currrent record:

image This commands changes the current selection:

image This commands are thread-safe and can run in preemptive processes:

image This commands can provoke memory leaks if the code does not delete references after use:

image This commands not for server:

image This commands different in remote mode:

image The Unicode mode affects this commands:

image This commands has platform-specific behavior “Mac OS”:

image This commands has platform-specific behavior “Windows”:

image This commands are deprecated and should not be used anymore:

image This commands Feature(s) not available in 4D 32 bits:


You can get more than this list with QST with the "4D Command" module :nerd_face: :



This is in QST very nice done,
congratulation you did nothing forget
and too not the important cmd-properties info.
I wait for a v18 Version of QST to explore it. :star_struck:

4.0ß should arrive quickly. This will be the latest version in binary mode, if I don’t move to project mode before. :mask:

Why still binary, because, I I didn’t had time to play with the project mode yet. But for sure, 4.5 version (with new ideas in mind) will be a project mode version :yum: :sunglasses:

4Dv18R3Commands CMDs Not(threadsafe).
I am particularly interested in which commands are not thread safe,
to test if one of this commands is used in any of my methodGroups/modules.
4D Documentation pages gives only a list of the threadsafe commands,
too check if one of my used commands is not on this list, yes this can be done,
but i think a list with not-threadsafe commands is too not bad to have.


Get a look to the command Command name to get this information

Thank you, i generate the list with “command name” to give result as a html to everybody. Generated with my https://github.com/lveith/testCollectionTo (only as a use example)

Click the link from my last post, to preview the result html-file in your browser

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Pay attention on this change (only when you use any download of it what is not from today),
the file “collectionToCSV.4dm” i am manually deleted!
Instead “collectionToCsv.4dm” use this current new file!

Ok thanks

notThreadsafe All known Cmds which NOT(threadSafe)

image All known Cmds which can provoke memory leaks

Where do you find a listing of all “Properties” icons?

most of the icons i found anywhere on 4D docu-pages,
and yes some docu-pages uses a little bit different icons,
i choose only this ones what i like more.
There is no complete icon list and i am forgot on which special 4d docu pages i found it.

Only the NotThreadSafe icon is only the copy of ThreadSafe icon with a self painted red line through.

I can only give you the info that i found all this icons anywhere on http://doc.4d.com/
Some of it can found anywhere and 1 or 2 are must searched on diferent pages
(but all from doc.4d.com)

Ask 4D if it is allowed to used it, i think it is the property of 4D.


not sure to understand your question, but when you’re on a command with one of these icons, you just have to click on it and you get all commands “affected” by this property.
You can also create you own tool to manage that or have a look on QST (the following picture is available on the next version in preparation of QST).

and when you select one, for example:

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Did you manually visit each documentation page in a browser to assemble a list of property icons?

Or did you programmatically inspect the 18R3 documentation pages to retrieve the property icon images?

No much more simplier.
99% of the icons can found anywhere so easy
if you know before in your brain there are exist one known cmd which have this status
and than looked at the docu-page of this command.
Right top there you see Theme/Category and the status icons which belongs to that cmd.
If you click on one of this icons you linked to the List of all cmds which have this status.

1 or 2 icon i am not found by this way,
or this way shows maybe any old windows-icon
and than i remember anytime i see on any page a better newer windows-icon
and i visit than this page to get a newer version of this
or finding a icon what is missing on other pages
only by intuitiv remember to any 4d doc page i visit in history.

Thats no secrets ,-)

As Lutz said, you just should know one command having this status.
From my side, I used the following code to create collection of all commands having a specific status. I’ve just have to copy the command list first and then execute the code:

 // ----------------------------------------------------
  // Méthode : __buildCollectionFromCommand
  // Description
  // Create the code ready to be paste from a list of 4D command
  // ----------------------------------------------------
  // Nom utilisateur (OS) : Patrick EMANUEL
  // Date et heure : 29/10/19, 06:37:03
  // Paramètres

$temp:=New collection

$text:=Get text from pasteboard
$coll:=New collection
$coll:=Split string($text;"\n";sk ignore empty strings+sk trim spaces)

If ($coll.length>0)
	CLEAR VARIABLE($text)  // clear text
	For each ($text;$coll)
		If (Position(".";$text)=0)  // Avoid member function
			If ($pos>0)
			End if 
			$ent:=Storage.commands4d.query("EN = :1 or FR = :1";$text)
			If ($ent.length>0)
			End if 
		End if 
	End for each 
	$result:=":=new collection ("+$temp.orderBy().join(";")+")"
	ALERT("code text is ready to be pasted.")
End if 


Storage.commands4d.query("EN = :1 or FR = :1"

by the right variable have all v18xxx commands list.


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I go the short way to collect this list-sites and icons,
manually visiting 30 known doc-pages need 20minutes
and after it i can show the list what i collect/found
here in forum (this was my only goal/destination).

But it can made in so much different ways by any generic codings…
Nobody payed me for thuch work and so i have no reason to
planing, concept and programming a ready to use example
to offered it to anybody so anybody can fetch with this live all infos by generic way.
(i liked to do so, but i had in reality no time to do so).

I had no time to search around which restAPIs for docu-site-contents
exist and how to use them in detail.
And to no time to write a primitive scanner
which parses all offical HTTP-Sites.
Yes when i need thuch one, i write thuch one,
but i do not solve thuch solutions
when i only want to know this 20 icons and 20 list-pages.

If you do not want to write your own solution,
here are two download links
for “New incomplete 4D doc”
and for “Old complete 4D”

New docu (just started, there you do NOT find any commands lists)

New docu to explore or download as zip can found here:

If you have a 4D-Login (login must done before used livedoc),
than use
instead of

Download zip from livedoc
(all pages and resources and langs, big file needs 3minutes to load)

(first foto shows first folder “4D” which contains all cmd-prop-lists in all langs)

(next foto shows all cmd-prop icons folder-path)