4D pop for V18


Where can I load the 4D pop compatible with 4D v18?

Thank you



This is where you can find all the 4D component source code.
Click on the ‘Source Code Download’ link.
18.x/ will probably be the link you want then.

I mostly use the 4DPop Constants Editor. There is a bug in the 18.x/ version that makes the save FAIL when you make changes using the constants editor and then try to close it. You will get a complaint because ‘EXECUTE METHOD’ will fail. Here is how I worked around it:

  1. Open the 4DPop AppMaker.4DProject . You will need to ‘create a database’ for it to open in 4D v18.

  2. locate the _o_AppMaker_Get_infoPlistKey method. It must be in the process of being deprecated, but it is needed for 4DPop Constants Editor to be able to do its SAVE.
    Open its ‘Method Properties’ (right-click on the method) and then click the Shared by components… checkbox. OK it. Now other components will be able to see this method.
    CLOSE the 4DPop AppMaker.4DProject now.

  3. Open the 4DPop Constants Editor in 4D v18. Again, you will need to ‘create a database’.
    Locate the Project Method: CONSTANT_New_file. This is the method that throws the error if you do not do these changes.
    there are two lines that use EXECUTE METHOD(“AppMaker_Get_infoPlistKey” … Change these to be:
    EXECUTE METHOD("_o_AppMaker_Get_infoPlistKey" … only change is adding the ‘o’ prefix
    Save the method.
    Close 4D.

—— at this point, the SAVE of the constants file should work in your own db. of course, you know how to install the components already …

– Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the bug fix! I will integrate it today.

Note: 4DPop components are gradually available on Github, so you can now open an “Issue” or make a Pull request in the available repositories. You access the available components from https://github.com/vdelachaux?tab=projectsthis page>

Wahou !!! je découvre une pépite: 4DPop XLIFF Pro :-o
Est-ce une version exploitable en v18 (ou une BETA ou une future version payante ?)

LA question: peut-on l’utiliser en production immédiatement ? :mrgreen:

The version of 4D Pop in the actual release in your GitHub is 18R2 (161).

Can we use this version with the 4D v18.x versions (Not R releases) ?


it’s free! :smiley:
not really a beta version since I use it since 2015 :wink:

As I don’t have (yet) a account in GitHub, here is some smalls glitches I found during my test. :wink:

(tests are made in French OS with french 4D Language)

[]33923365;“Wrong xliff for menu (sic)”[/]

[]33923375;“Wrong Tips for 3 buttons”[/]

And just an idea :idea:, as my file(s) are Big (?) a small progress bar (or something like a button with wheel of death) to explain what’s happen can be a good option for end user to know that something is working in background… :wink:

For delete an item is the correct(only ?) solution is to use the del(suppr in french) key ? (not so intuitive on a portable keyboard :-?)
Possible to add Backspace key or option in the popup menu or a small “-” button. :?: :idea:

Glad to help.
It must be a big deal to keep all these things straight.

You might be interested to see a Date Picker / Date Entry widget I developed that uses object notation, no process variables, and works with date attributes of an object as the source

I don’t know if you would be interested in seeing it [I assume you manage 4DPop], but it is pretty cool. (I believe with the 4D widget the way it was in v17, you have to use a 4D variable as the data source of the widget).
The ‘expression’ (source) is set to the object that contains the date you want to manage, and then the widget finds out the .date in the onLoad of the widget.

For example: You want to have it manage Form.myData.entryDate
The EXPRESSION for the widget is Form.myData
then in the object method of the widget, it finds out the attribute to edit:
Case of
: (Form event code=On Load)
EXECUTE METHOD IN SUBFORM(OBJECT Get name;“IS_DATEENTRY_INIT”;*;“entryDate”) // since we are using an object, tell the Attribute we are working on
End case

I did not want to alter anything in the OBJECT that the widget receives (other than the date attribute) so I figured out how to ‘pseudo-Form.’ the ‘variables’ the widget needs. I added an invisible OBJECT variable to the widget form (formData) and attach any information I would normally have put in Form. to that object variable.

Anyway, you might enjoy taking a look at it. I have it spawned off into a little component, with a tester form to let you see how it works and what initialization is required to use it (very simple).

– Chris

A note I have in the code:
This tests and demonstrates the abilities of the IS_DateEntry and IS_DatePicker widgets.

They are capable of working on Object entity (date) or a traditional Date variable.

The configuration is done in the SCRIPT of the container object (on this parent form).
It is very simple: if “on load” then call IS_DATEENTRY_INIT( ) as shown in the samples.

If the bound variable is a DATE VARIABLE, then this call includes only up to the *.

If the date we need to manipulate is an attribute of an object (i.e. myEntity.thisDate)
• Set these attributes in the CONTAINER:
• Expression Type: OBJECT
• Variable or Expression: the name of the object that directly contains the attribute. In this example: ‘myEntity’

Then the CONTAINER’s script must pass the name of the date attribute as the last parameter in the IS_DATEENTRY_INIT( ) call.
See the sample OBJECT VARIABLEs — top two groups of samples.

Thank you very much
You must have seen that I also published https://github.com/topics/4d-widgetwidgets> (more to come…) and I encourage you to do the same with yours.
The more we share the less time we will spend.

Hi Vincent,
I had no idea who did those widgets. Just happened to find out this way.
I will have to give it some thought as to what I can share easily.

– Chris

I have a strange thing with the official v18 4D Pop [v18 (148)] (I have manually remove all my 4D prefs and then I relaunch my 4D database but I have got this Trace window
It seem that the version v18 is not present in the case of

[]34041858;“Where is the v18 settings folder…”[/]

Strange that I am the only one with this alert :-?

Donloaded from github and Cannot find the 4DPop in this folder:

[]34139383;“Your comment here…”[/]

Which address on Github ?
I don’t know this repository on Github…

https://github.com/vdelachaux/4DPop/releasesLast 4D Pop release>

It’s a bug the bundle “.4dbase” extension is not present…

These are the sources of the components, some are in project mode (without the .4DBase).
This directory is under construction and I will do my best to find the most comfortable download mode possible…

I already see this same problem with last 4D Pop distribution. How do you differentiate source and release components ?