4D Remote Design…Database Settings…User Settings…

Windows 10 Prof
4D Remote v17R6

Where are the menu “Design…Database Settings…User Settings…” stored for 4D Remote?

Having assigned a DEFAULT HTML ROOT folder in those settings, in 4D Remote, that setting seems to not be “sticking”.

When using 4D Remote as the web server, a DEFAULT HTML ROOT must be set prior to starting the web server.

4D v17 R6 does not seem to keep the setting of DEFAUL HTML ROOT.

This is overcome by using the Get 4D Folder(Database Folder), which returns the parent directory of the usual DEFAULT HTML ROOT, true for all of 4D, 4D Server and 4D Remote.

WEB SET ROOT FOLDER ( Get 4D Folder(Database Folder)+”web_static”)) works for me!

Hope that helps someone.