4D Remote Session Management improvements

Here’s the problem: for a long time, 4D Server has maintained an internal 4D Remote session list: basically a list of the connected 4D client sessions.

Recently, 4D has FINALLY exposed this (in part) to us developers via the new, wonderful command “Get process activity” . However, this command it’s self is a “Use very sparingly” command: it’s bad on performance.

I need to be able to easily track a user session in two more places:

1: when a user logs in: I need to be able to ask: “what is my current session ID”. (I CAN get this via a hit to “Get process activity” in a server-side method (not a good practice – but the only way I can think of)** .

2: in triggers, and in server-side methods: I need to be able to ask: What is the sessionID of the current process. Again: I can get this via Get process activity , but this is a big no-no for performance.

So: my request is: Please give us a way to

1: easily request the current session ID within 4D Remote

2: easily request the session id of the current process in server-side code (triggers/server-side methods)