4D Server v16R6 Windows Crash NTDLL.dll


As we get further into our epic roll-out of 4D Server v16R6 (to existing servers previously running 4D Server v13.6), we’re getting reports of some 4D Server crashes.

The faulting module from Windows Event Viewer is NTDLL.dll

So far, we haven’t managed to catch a ProcDump, but we’ve got one affected server setup ready to catch one if it does crash again.

Anyone else seen this?

What would usually cause a NTDLL.dll crash?

Many thanks for any insights.

Best regards


That Microsoft library is used by example to convert path names from Unicode to DOS encoding. It is used when accessing files.

Microsoft recommends in case of crashes to repair the system:

For others it was conflict with other software:

(the answer/links above are the result of a 5 minute Google usage, not an in depth analyses)

ProcDump might help, but if it is a bad system, it might not.