4D Server Won't Restart after Windows Update When Running as a Service

Our the years we have had a few customers reporting that after a Windows Update and subsequent reboot, 4D Server will not startup automatically. This has been reported with a ranges of OSs (Windows 7 Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016) and a range of 4D (v13-v17). We also have other customers who NEVER have problems with 4D Server restarting automatically after a Windows Update reboot.

What we do is tell them to manually stop the 4D Server process using Net Stop prior to installing Windows Updates. Of course, that mostly defeats the purpose of running 4D Server as a Windows Service.

Our assumption is that there may be some Windows configuration that is affecting some installations. I’m wondering if others have cases like this? If so, what was done to resolve them (if they were resolved)?


Tom Benedict

You may want to check that your windows’s service has the right to start :
On the “Log on” tab, I sometimes had to specify a powerful user by filling “This account” instead of “Local System account”


I’ve had that issue before and have found that using the Automatic (Delayed Start) instead of Automatic has resolved the issue for me. Hope that helps.

Dennis Fobar

Thanks Dennis. I’ll pass that on to our customer.