4D v16 R3 is here


We are pleased to announce that 4D v16 R3 is available.

To get all the details, http://blog.4d.com/4d-v16-r3-is-available/please visit the blog post>.

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Hello! Very excited. Please note that the download links for the Windows version of the 4D v16 R3 – full installer are not working.

Hello Welsh,

Thanks for your message.

We do have an issue with one server in charge of the content delivery.
This should be solved in a couple of hours.

I’ll post another message when the server will be back.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

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No prob! Just really excited to start using the New Object command :slight_smile:

Hello Welsh,

The issue on the server has been fixed, thus you can download the installers of 4D v16 R3.

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Hello Welsh,

I understand, this new command can save you a good number of lines of code…

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Still no support for tables in Write Pro ?

The support of the table in 4D Write Pro starts from v16 R4 that is available in Beta version. Look at the http://blog.4d.com/4d-v16-r4-beta-starts-today/blog> to get all the other new features it brings.

Question about versions

4D v16 R3 – Released 28 June 2017 re-introduced a bug. Are there nightly builds for this version that might have fixed the bug? Where can I find them?

Thanks, Keith

Hi Keith,


4D v16 R3 – Released 28 June 2017 re-introduced a bug.

Which old bug was re-introduced (or do you mean it introduced a new bug)?
Do you have a case or bug number for reference?


Are there nightly builds for this version that might have fixed the

Typically no, there is no nightly build of the R release once it has been published as final. In this case, v16R3 was published on June 28th 2017 and that final version is build 213331.

Once that build was released we immediately started working on v16R4 which is currently in Beta and is getting nightly builds in the http://forums.4d.com/Forum/EN/14234613/0/0Beta subforum>. This is where any bug fixes would go if you contact us after the public release of v16R3 and early enough before the public release of v16R4.

However, once v16R4 becomes final and ships to the public then no more changes will be made to this branch either. At that time we will have a new branch called v16R5 which will be in Beta and getting nightly builds.


Where can I find them?

I would suggest you check out the v16R4 http://forums.4d.com/Forum/EN/14234613/0/0Beta> (partner only).


Hi Tim,

It’s TAOW# 135448 : Output Subform, Visible 3D Buttons. It was gone for a while, and came back again.

16R4 does not show the problem. -Thanks


4D v16 R3 – Released 28 June 2017 re-introduced a bug.

thanks for your report. The issue was “re-introduced” with 4D v16 (and also included in R2 and R3) - 64 Bit version only.
Fixed lately (in v16.x NB and coming R4).

The strategy with R-Releases is continuous improvement.
In short - any change (this covers features or bug fixes) is to be tested several weeks (normally 3 months), not just some days, to avoid undetected side effects.
One of the basic ideas behind is “don’t make it worse compared to the version before” or in different words “if the version before had a given behavior/bug, better to keep the same behavior in the following version compared to include a not fully tested change which might have other side effects, which you don’t know. No surprises…”

As the behavior was already in the previous version (R2) and even in the version before that (v16=R1), there will be no hotfix for R3 - in fact - we would not even have integrated the bug fix if it would have been detected during beta test. If it would have been a “regression” (working in version before, failing now), it would have been handled as very high priority, both for bug fixes and testing department.
“normal” bug fixes are testing (from QA and in production usage) for many weeks before going in an R Release.
Only “very high priority regression” bugs, with very special manual testing, are an exception of that rule.

Some say - ok, so I cannot use R-Releases because of that rule. Maybe.
But: to use R-Releases, you need to use every one. You seem to have jumped from v15 to v16 R3. That’s why the bug was “new introduced with R3” for you.
If you would have updated from v15 to v16, as we recommended, you would have noticed already in v16 and we fix such issues in NB. As soon you work for 3 months fine with a new major release, you might switch to R Releases branch. (3 months? because this makes sure that every fix included in 16 NB is also in the following R Release).
Notice: this is a commitment, you need to go 3 months later to the next release and so on. In fact, you should use the next already as beta for your own development (and even internally in production), to have a chance to detect a possible regression, so you could get it fixed before the version is released as final.