"4D v18 LTS (Why is 4D renaming product with ""LTS"" appended?)"

4D is naming v18 as “https://us.4d.com/product-download/Feature-Release4D v18 LTS>”.

But v17 remains simply “4D v17” without LTS.

Does “LTS” mean “Long Term Support Product Line”?

What is long term support product?

Because 4D has a 18 month cycle, LTS means: support of 3 years (last 2 main-versions)!


Yes, Christian, you’re absolutely right.

Jeremy, quick note about the changes can be https://us.4d.com/product-release-life-cycleread there>.

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Please refer to this https://blog.4d.com/4d-product-release-cycle-everything-you-need-to-know/blog post> for more information.