4D v18.x Release Notes in Documentation

I’d like to call out the new 4D v18.x Release Notes part of the documentation. Sometimes I’m on the release train and only care about the new features and bug fixes between R-releases and sometimes (like now) I’m jumping whole versions (ex. v17.x to v18.x) and am interested in all the new features and bug fixes between those versions.

This has always been confusing to me in the past. Where do I go to get the list of bug fixes? What version did the bug show up in and what version fixed it? What about features? Which version did each come in? What has been deprecated? What changes happened? In other words, what do I need to know to safely move from one version to another? These answers used to take a lot of digging around and looking in several places.

Now I can just go the the Doc Center (where it should be), click on the 4D v18 tab, and see the 4D v18.x Release Notes documentation. From there I can see what features have been added between v17 and v18 (and it is easy to see which were added between v17 R6 and v18 for those on the release train), fixed bugs for each version, deprecated features, etc.

My favorite is the Changes and updates section which is far more comprehensive than anything I’ve see in the past. I get the impression that 4D isn’t just trying to put the good things here (marketing), but all the changes a developer actually needs to be aware of, good or bad, to successfully move to the next version.

Anyway, I’m very happy about this new part of the documentation. If it was announced anywhere, I missed it and apologize for the bandwidth. In any case, a big thank you to 4D from me for this excellent improvement in documentation!


Also a big thank you for improving the object/collection documentation. Properties and object functions are now in alphabetical order. And the parameter documentation now matches the format for 4D commands which is much easier to read and understand at a glance.