4D View Pro examples generate report and email it out, please help

Product :4D View
OS : Windows

Hello Everyone,

May i ask anyone can help me with examples on how to generate a 4D View Pro doc from a 4D database search results. Then:

  1. Display the 4D View Pro doc;
  2. Convert it to Excel doc .XLSX;
  3. Email out the Excel doc.

Sorry i only recently use 4D again after over a ten years break while working in different roles. :frowning:
I have not work with 4D Objects before.

Thank you All in advance for your help.


I could be wrong but I don’t think 4D View Pro is an output option for the New Query report in 4D 64bit actually like 4D View is for 4D 32bit. :frowning:

So you have to construct all your report doc in 4D View Pro first :-? (this is the big job, doable (in R4 release) but long !)
then convert to Excel and last send by email (the 2 last actions are simple to do)

Hello Manuel,

STP, I have worked on a conversion from 4D view to 4D view Pro (under mac), I read the documentation of 4D view Pro.

I converted the zones (nothing appears in the pro zone), and now !!!

I do not know how to go about the existing code?

Do I look at used commands and replace each command with the new one ? but I do not think all comands are available?

Or, do we have to rethink everything? throwing the old code in the trash.

Thank you in advance for your help and your advice.

Best regards,


I am afraid that the 2 products have only in common the name…

So all your old 4D View code should be rewrite in it’s intergral :frowning:

And it’s true that actually there are some lacking command on the new 4D View Pro.

But I recommand to use the last v17R5(R6 in Beta stage) or waiting for the next v18.
There is more commands in it. (there still have conversions bugs unfortunately :cry:)

In the v17.x (not R release) version don’t even try… :roll:

Thank you very much.