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Is there any way to print a 4D View Pro sheet ?

Actually, 4D View Pro is NOT usable in production just in the VERY first stage of beginning to reimplements a new spreadsheet in 4D; no tools for using the 4D database and no programmation langage, etc !!!

And as you start, I do not recommand you to start to use the 4D View because it will be deprecated soon (or later :roll:) (FYI: 4D View don’t works in 64 bit)

You are just in the wrong time… :frowning:

We use 4D View in v16 (32bit) and it works good but we are blocked in 32 bit version ! :cry:

Thanks Manuel, We will have to go with 4D view and 32 bit should not be issue is short term. Hoping that View pro will be quick to evolve as it is based on existing product.

Is anyone aware of any updated demos or example code for 4D View ? The stuff on 4d.com is version 2003 ?

We cross fingers too :wink:

Just for my information, what is your need exactly from 4D View ?

We need to generate 4 statistical reports bit like a monthly cashflow report based on summary data in tables. The formulas aren’t too complicated. As we would have to write the export data routines for excel we may as well use 4d view. Particularly as the report format is likely to change as we gather more data. The client can then login and view report as required.

I thought t we would use PV Command callback on the Tools Calculate Now command after loading the view into area. This will call a method to generate the vars to use in view formulas.



I should also have said that we need to be able to do some modeling of data so view seemed best choice.


I tried “Print form”, but the area came out blank. :\