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Originally published at: https://events.4d.com/summit2020/session/4d-view-pro/

There are many new ways to control and interact with 4D View Pro. Multiple 4D commands that have been introduced that allow simplified ways to control the content and format of a 4D View Pro document displayed in a 4D View Pro area. It is also possible to go beyond the provided set of commands by using SpreadJS to interact with the 4D View Pro area or directly interacting with the 4D View Pro document. The content and information provided will give details on how 4D View Pro can be controlled programmatically with the new feature set.

I’ve just finished viewing Tai Bui’s presentation on 4D View Pro.
With the last demo he said 4D View Pro does not support “offscreen areas”.
This triggered alarm bells for me since these have been a key part of our application!

Is there a way, from a 4D method of accessing a 4D View Pro sheet/spreadsheet, loading it with data, running its calculations and transferring the results back to database fields - without the sheet/spreadsheet being part of a form?
To date, 4D v16, we have been using “offscreen areas” to do this.

We have been using this aspect of 4D View since the days of 4D Calc as an easy to use interface for users to define calculations that use data from and feed back results to our 4D database application. The 4D View spreadsheet is stored as a database field so it can be “reused” programatically to perform calculations on compatible sets of data drawn from the database and feed back the results to the database or to reports.

With 4D View Pro replacing 4D View, we need to know how this process can be replicated in later versions of 4D.

Chris Patterson, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Chris,

I’m not sure if this would work or not, as I haven’t used View Pro yet, however, I have used this technique in the past for other things.

Could you open a form off screen that contains a VP area, open the spreadsheet, run the calcs and return the results. I’m not sure on the exact details, but in theory I think it should work.

Good luck.

It will works (I try it) but the real problem is the performance… :unamused:

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Hi Chris,

The offscreen area implementation is in progress and will be available ASAP

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Hi Peter & Vincent,
Thanks for your comments.
I look forward to developments in this area.

All the best,


Thanks for this interesting infos+demos.
I’m really excited to see where the journey will take you with all the new stuffs.

Nur zur Info:
In toolbar/menu “Demo” entry has wrong start-method.
Correct it with start-method “startDemo”.

Charting begins at 34:27 (“DEMO 9” in demo-db)