4D Web Application non compatible 4D Developper Pro?

Lorsqu’on installe une licence 4D Web Application Server commercial, cette derniere se substitue à celle de 4D Developper Professionnal au lieu de s’y ajouter.

4Dv17 Monoposte Windows
Du coup, on perd la possibilité d’aller modifier la structure. C’est Fromage ou dessert !
Seule solution : désinstaller la licence Web, redémarrer l’appli, et inversement. :-((

C’est un bug plutot genant, car sur un site web en tests (ouvert vers l’exterieur) on a besoin de modifier en permanence des parametres ou des méthodes.

Quelqu’un a-t-il le même probleme ou y a-t-il une solution que je n’ai pas trouvée.
D’avance merci

I am afraid this is standard behaviour.

In previous versions, licenses were “merged”, which was interesting but had its problems.

Now, a single product is selected, and a Web App. Server would overshadow a Dev. Pro. license.

Hi Keisuke,
thanks for your report, but in reality, it is quite different :
In addition I installed yesterday a 4D Developper Licence (not the pro version), and it runs well. The both licences are active, and I can access the developpment side of 4D.
I just cannot compile, but in test mode, it doesnt matter.
It would be nice to resolve this problem for future versions or releases.
Best regards,

sorry, unfortunately you were right.

The 4D Developper Standard licence was activated, but Navigators from another IP than the Web server could not connect anymore :frowning:
I can’t really understand why this is going so.

We pay for the 4D licences, but we sadly cannot use them.