4D Write Pro - A new toolbar is born! (Where is it?)


At my organization we’re trying to bring quite an old application up to current standards. Many of our windows have the old style 4D Write tool - where the toolbar is above the edit area. For the moment we are continuing with 32 bit clients so that we can use the old plugin. I’ve written code to convert our documents to 64 bit, but it would be a pain to change the layout of the windows to accommodate the new style of tools to the right of the edit window.

Being able to use the older style tools above edit area would be immensely helpful.

I’ve seen the 4D Blog https://blog.4d.com/4d-write-pro-a-new-bar-is-born/ entry about the new toolbar, but I can’t seem to find it. I thought it was because we aren’t running the latest version (maybe that still is our issue). We just this morning upgraded our development environment to v17.1, and the toolbar is still absent.

What am I doing wrong? Do we need to move even further forward?

it’s a shame there is no direct reference to version in the blog post,
but you would notice at the bottom of the page that it’s tagged as #17R2.

and if you are familiar with how R versions work,
you would know that 17R2 is an early release of v18.

the toolbar is absent in v17.

incidentally, this toolbar is called “new” because there was an earlier version


but the important thing to understand is that these are just suggestions, you are not obliged to take them.

4D Write plugin had a subtraction culture,
there was a finished product and you could disable features you don’t need.

the paradigm in 4D Write Pro is addition,
which is why it feels surprisingly bare bones and always open ended,
but you have the freedom to add whatever feature you need in any way you like.


I believe that v17R4 is the early release of v18. That notwithstanding, one of the other team members installed v17.1, and I didn’t realize until you mentioned it that v17.1 is v17.0 plus fixes, without any “R” release goodies.

As far as https://blog.4d.com/easily-design-your-own-4d-write-pro-toolbar-with-standard-actions/ goes - well let’s just say that I’m absolutely certain that I could make my own toolbar, but there are only so many hours in the day, and my time is better spent elsewhere.

Thank you for clarifying. :slight_smile:

I sustain : we need a complete standard toolbar.
Development team has probably one for internal use : publish it !

<< Development team has probably one for internal use>>

No, we don’t :slight_smile:

The toolbar is in constant evolution. I’ve posted to improvements screenshots that will be provided in v17 R5…


Dear Roland,
any news on this topic?
I am currently preparing to switch a database from 32 bit to 64 bit. Everything is prepared, except 4D Write still forces us to remain on 32 bit because there were so many things not implemented in the official releases yet. Today we run 4D 17.2 and one of the last things on the list is an easy to use toolbar for Write Pro. Please don’t force me to program an interim toolbar just to replace it again when it is released with v18. There are so many things to consider that the last thing I need is to redevelop a missing standard item for my text processor.

There is a toolbar, but in v17R5… (not in v17.2)
The version of the Write Pro is not the same too between this 2 versions.
So, if you want a toolbar you should use the R release (v17R5) or wait for the v18.

Not real sure about this, but I believe it was added in v17R4. Don’t quote me on that. I’m running stand-alone v17R5 @ 64bit, and it is definitely there. Our problem was that we have so many windows that were designed for the toolbar at the top that it would be unreasonable to redesign them all to work with an arbitrary change.

Don’t forget to load the new components into your build environment, otherwise it’ll look like you don’t have the toolbar. Ask me how I know. :oops:

Thanks Chris, but I am stuck to v17.2 and no R-release as we do not have booked this. I know there is a toolbar in the works since Sept. 2018, but the developers without R-access are left behind, although they are forced to drop the old 4D Write soon, due to the lacking 64bit support…
Not so nice.

The problem will be that I fear that v17.x will never be macOS 10.15 certified…

Yeah, we can’t run an R release in production either, so I feel your pain. That’s why I said I was running it in stand-alone mode.

Our organization is continuing to run 32 bit v17.1 in production - which has only the side toolbar for 4D Write Pro. That won’t work with our window layout, as I’ve previously said. So for the moment we are still using the 32 bit older style 4D Write in 32 bit clients, with a 64 bit server, since that still works. But we know the click is ticking.

We added a new field to several of our tables that is intended to hold the newer style data. I’m working on converting all templates such that they will work properly when we go to probably v18. The idea is that the bulk of the work will be ready to go ahead of time, then we can do a fairly speedy upgrade of our application when the time arrives.

Our organization uses Windows, so the print preview thing in the other thread is also a big issue for us.

You are describing my dilemma Chris, just with OSX. Same 64-bit server, 32-bit Clients setup and stuck in the process of migrating to the not ready yet 4D Write Pro. I can understand that 4D limits access to the betas. I can also understand that there is a need for breaking with 4D Write (as it is 32-bit dependant) and forcing us to use 4D Write Pro. What I don’t understand is that after almost two years in the making, and the 64-bit deadline comes closer and closer (next OSX version this fall) we still do not have the full feature set we need to make a smooth vibration. 4D is a great and mighty tool, and I know the 4D team is doing a lot of great work, but regarding this particular aspect, it feels like a failure.