4D Write (Pro) default font?

How does 4D Write (Pro) define the default font for 4D Write? And how to change it globally in a database?

If a new 4D Write/Write Pro area/object is created and the user starts typing, the default font used on macOS is Times New Roman 12pt, while on Windows a customer reported it is Segoe UI.

I would like to know how 4D defines this default font in 4D Write Pro and for the time being also for 4D Write. Or if it is at least possible to change this setting globally in a database. Without having to define templates or write code for each 4D Write area or Pro object.

I never thought about a default font, so cannot answer that.

I never tried to create any use case for 4D Write or 4D Write Pro without using a template. Never. I assume that’s why I never thought about default font.

A template is an empty document.
It is empty for the use case.
This means it defines the font, page format, page rules, display properties and style sheets, to be used from the end user.
It might define header/footer for business letters.
It even might include receivers address and other business data, while it is still an “empty letter”.

Whatever need, empty does not mean “without information”.

As setting such a document is much easier than hard coding, and it allows me to delegate this job to the administrator to modify the “default font” when needed, I always used templates…

Instead of writing
WP New
I use
WP New(empty_business_letter_template)