4D WritePro

Product :4D - 4D Server
4D : v16R2
OS : Windows 10

When converting some Test-Documents from 4D Write to 4D Write Pro i was really astonished how much better the convertion was compared to 4D v15 - great!
At a first glance i only found three problems:

  • some old pictures in EMF-Format do show on the screen but are not printed (not very important)
  • If you put a right aligned tab stop exactly on the right margin a line break will occur.
  • In a paragraph with indented second line, a tab stop between the left margin of the first line and the indention of the second line will be ignored.

Is this expected behaviour or will this be fixed in future releases?

[]19222948;“right tab stop 4D Write”[/]
[]19222947;“right tab stop 4D Write Pro”[/]

[]19222965;“tab stop 4D Write”[/]
[]19222967;“tab stop 4D Write Pro”[/]