54 - Argument types are incompatible

I’m looking for some assistance on a problem I’m having when trying to log into MySQL.

Using 4D (32 bit) I have no issue when using SQL Login with an ODBC data source. However, when I try to connect using our OEM Server (64 bit) I cannot get connected, it continually errors out regardless of what I do.

I am using the following command (both 32/64 bit):

SQL LOGIN(“TTX_DMM_MANAGER”;“xxxxxxxx”;"@DMMAdm1n1!";*)

The following error is returned:

[17:59:03] Cannot Log Into SQL Server:
| Error Codes: Calling Method =
| Error Desc = Argument types are incompatible.
| Error Code = 54
| Component = 4DRT

Does anyone know what this error is trying to tell me?

Thank you very much!



Are you using the same DSN to connect? I believe and you need to install both 32-bit and 64-bit MySQL Connectors and have two DSNs: one for connecting from 32-bit the other from 64-bit.


Thanks for the response. I do have both the 32/64 bit drivers installed. The issue appears to be a misnomer and the error message is really related to a query statement (which makes much more sense).

I have been able to isolate the issue and all is now working…