64-bit bug with keyboard shortcuts

I submitted this as a bug to US tech support today - I’m wondering if anyone has a workaround to this that I’ve overlooked? Custom keyboard shortcuts to menu commands seem to be really popular in my user base and they just don’t work in 64-bit 4D.

Here’s my bug report:

We upgraded the company to the 64-bit version of 4D v17.1 today. A number of users report that custom keyboard shortcuts for menu functions (defined in the macOS Keyboard system preference panel) no longer work with 4D.

These continue to work correctly with the 32-bit version of 4D v17.1. This happens on all versions of macOS from Sierra through Mojave.

it sounds like a specific usage of system preferences that a typical 4D user would not normally need,

so it would be really useful to elaborate what kind of keyboard shortcuts are set by those users.

That sounds like excuse making for a bug. :slight_smile:

I think any Mac savvy user would take advantage of this nice feature. As an application developer, you can’t assign a hotkey to every single menu option, so it lets users be more productive if what they do all the time doesn’t make the cut for getting a hotkey.

Plus, it works in every application out there except for the 64-bit version of 4D, and for the most part the 64-bit version of 4D is a better Mac citizen than the 32-bit version.

The only reason I asked for more details
is because I wanted to help our engineers help you.

I apologise for inferring what “a typical 4D user” would know,
clearly I am on the ignorant and less savvy end of the spectrum. :pray:

You did explain what you mean by “custom keyboard shortcut”,
I suppose anyone like myself who requires further explanation
is unqualified to help and needs to back off…

Sorry if I implied you were ignorant… you’re far from that… :slight_smile: I’m just saying that what programmer/developer types think of as minor issues are frequently very very different from the end users of our software.

I was surprised too that so many people made use of this (what I thought was obscure) feature… we definitely don’t train people on this. I appreciate your feedback – totally agree with you that this seems minor… but the help desk blew up when we rolled 64-bit out mostly because of this one silly issue… :slight_smile:

for reference:

I suppose the workaround is to lookup


and use https://doc.4d.com/4Dv17/4D/17.1/SET-MENU-ITEM-SHORTCUT.301-4179304.en.htmlSET MENU ITEM SHORTCUT> to respect it?