A Document Based Print Engine Based on Objects and Collections

Originally published at: https://events.4d.com/summit2020/session/streamline-your-structure-with-object-fields/

Have you ever wished to programmatically build a multi-page print document in 4D? And be able to make changes to any page at any time before printing?


Hi Cannon,

That’s a fantastic print engine you’ve created. Thanks so much for sharing it with us all.

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere, but where can we find the sample files?

Coming soon. Recording, post-production of all movies and finally building this site, all that with all people in home office, was a little bit challenging. We set top priority in releasing a first bunch of videos. Next will be publishing the session material (demos, slides, etc) as well as publishing more videos. Coming soon…

Great. Thanks for the update Thomas.

Excellent. Merci pour cet exposé.
Du bel ouvrage. :+1:t3:

Thank you, Peter and Eric. I hope it can be helpful once the code is available.

Very impressive and instructive.

Already congratulated to Cannon personally, but it needs to be done here also: this is something I will use for sure. Great work, Cannon!

Thanks, Milan. :slight_smile:

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Hi Cannon,

Thank you a lot for the very clear demo and for sharing the code.
As Peter said, it’s fantastic!

Thank you. I’m glad that the demo files are now available as well.

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