A New Era of Debugging

Originally published at: https://events.4d.com/summit2020/session/a-new-era-of-debugging/


:heart_eyes: :clap: :clap: :clap: Very helpful infos and thanks for pointing out how important debugging and logging can be. You only learn to appreciate it when you need it. Good preparation is indispensable in this area, you only notice it when you need it and then it is too late if it was not prepared before.

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I would recommend viewers to download the sample DB (link below the video), pause the video after each demo and follow the examples yourself. It’s really fun!

If you’d like to go to design mode, just option-contextual click on Mac or Alt+Shift-right-click on Windows to invoke the process menu.

Loved how the single process debug log demo circled back to the dynamic code debug demo.

Learned how little time Info Reports takes to produce a report, 88 milliseconds out of 5 minutes is less than 0.0003%. All the more reason to consider installing it.

Note also that for preview the demo is using JavaScript and CSS in a Web Area to highlight 4D code.

Pretty cool!

By the way, the speaker was looking for the macOS crash log in the right location, he was correct to infer that there were no logs because 4D has been stable on this computer.

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Very, very interresting subject and good presentation. Thanks a lot with few tricks like the way to find all previous “crash log” on mac. I wasn’t aware of it. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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that was a very good session. thanks @Keisuke_Miyako on the reminder on how to drop into designer mode.

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Thank you Tim, very interesting.

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