A peek into the future of 4D from Laurent Ribardière

Originally published at: https://events.4d.com/summit2020/session/a-peek-into-the-future-of-4d-from-laurent-ribardiere/

4D v17 started a coding revolution in 4D with ORDA. 4D v18 makes even more possible! Want to know where 4D is headed? What’s the vision driving 4D’s development?

Get an exclusive preview of new, upcoming features. In addition to ORDA, Laurent Ribardière will demonstrate the most direct path to take your current applications to the Web.

Please note that demonstrated features are currently in development. The final release may have a different design or syntax.

To better understand some concepts in Laurent Ribardière’s session, we highly recommend you first watch the following session: The future of object-oriented development with 4D.


J’ai eu le plaisir de connaitre les premiers balbutiements des bases de données par Laurent Ribardières, puis de compter parmi les premiers clients avant qu’ ACI ne devienne 4D.
C’ est sans conteste Le produit “Nomber on”, dont on peut être fier qu’il soit Français (cocorico)
Mais alors pourquoi ne recevoir les différents publicités, informations et présentations uniquement en Anglais?
Bien cordialement à Laurent Ribardières



Avec Discuss, on est américanisés pour de bon…

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Je ne sais pas si 4D doublera l’effort pour refaire les présentations en français, mais il me semble tout a fait logique que elles soient faites en anglais. 4D est aujourd’hui une compagnie globale, avec des filiales et employées, des clients et des développeurs un peu partout dans le monde.
Dans ma boite, au Chili, 8 développeurs bossent sur 4D. Je peut vous assurer que si les présentations étaient faites en français ils ne pourraient pas en profiter


Certes, mais la plus part des grandes applications sont multilingues, pourquoi pas 4D dont c’est justement un point fort?

Je pense que nous ne pouvons pas entrevoir la complexité et la somme d’heures qu’a nécessité la fabrication de ces vidéos tout seul confiné chez soi devant son ordinateur alors que ce n’est pas votre métier, j’aurais du mal à faire une critique quand au fait qu’elle n’a pas été faite 2 fois :mask:


Je ne suis pas d’accord. 4D est une application multilingue, l’interface, la documentation (sauf la nouvelle documentation en mode project) sont disponibles en 7 langues.
Le langage, par contre, n’est disponible qu’en français (au moins jusqu’a maintenant) et anglais.
Je ne connais pas d’autres langages de programmation qui supportent une langue autre que l’anglais, mais je me trompe sûrement.

Il ne s’agit pas de critique de l’application elle même ni de de la vidéo mais d’une façon générale des informations et publicités reçues régulièrement qui gagnerais à être dans la langue des destinataires.
Pour avoir participé à d’autres développements je confirme que 4D est un modèle du genre.

Very good work and very good news with what I have seen coming soon. Expectant to be able to test it, as soon as possible. Thanks.

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I kind of got the feeling around 17r5-ish that the remaining parts of Wakanda might be moving into 4D. Very good to see it happening.

I do have one suggestion for Laurent E and Laurent R in their presentations when referring to “the future”: When you mention something that is coming out in “A soon R-Release” or “just after a soon R-Release” (to paraphrase): It would be must better if you could specify which exact R-Release something is slated for. No one will revolt if something gets pushed back an R-release or two: but it would be helpful for our planning - so we don’t start new development that we might throw away in 3 or 6 months, when it suddenly becomes much easier.

Great features!


This is yet another timeless presentation by Laurent R. I’m going to watch this one over and over again, just like the last masterclass session on ORDA. These new features reinforces the idea that 4D is here to stay! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I had that same feeling, Wakanda is back, but with modified 4D language instead of pure JavaScript and integrated in 4D. I like it a lot.

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The future is looking very bright for 4D. Can’t wait to start working with the new toys Laurent just showed us.

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This is not the way our development cycle works.
We have a feeling, an idea, but the basic concept is that we do not target a specific R Release. We only target quality. I know, I’m repeating myself, but this is really the key concept.

We knew since two weeks what will be in R3. We knew because we closed all development and started to work on R4. We don’t know yet what will be in R4. Or to be more exact: we think to know two specific features will be in R4, as development is finished, all tests finished, so normally nothing should happen. But if we run into a major issue in the next weeks, we might delay those.
We have a couple more features close to be finished, we think they will make it as well. Here it is more fuzzy. And there are more features in the process, which have a good chance.

But finally, at the end, it is not the developer deciding what is in the release, it is just the result of quality assurance. They give the final go. Everything else will be delayed for the next one. And this is followed even if the big boss himself developed something really important…

And this is why we don’t name a release number if it is not directly the next one, where we already finished all testing and are sure it will be included.

But to answer your question: as you can see in the R3 docu, language classes are ready. As you could see in LR’s demo, database classes works in the database engine, “just” the user interface is not ready (you might have noticed he showed it in a text editor). When you follow our concept to release smaller, but well tested parts, you might guess that database classes will be released step by step, and LR mentioned that database class member functions will come first, with events and features like restricted queries coming in a later release(s)


Very interesting presentation. I recommend looking at the video from Laurent Esnault first to get a feel on new classes. And what Laurent Ribardière présented feels like “classes” meet “Orda” and let us see a bright future with 4D development with a good ORM tool which will make coding more efficient and reliable/maintainable and easier to teach to young developers.
Keep the good work !



It would be nice if the slides were made available for the keynotes.


I am just going to watch this now, but I want to agree that Laurent Ribardière is an amazing developer. I first learned of 4D back in version 1. Its interface design was leaps and bounds past anything else available. I started coding solutions at version 2. The hardware at the time was incapable of really showing it off — I suppose that applied to the entire mac experience at the time; the software was clearly ahead of the hardware.
I am excited by the development path 4D has taken, particularly with ORDA and now with classes, remote data stores, etc.