Add Object Get Value and Object Set Value commands

Please consider adding commands to get and set the value of Form Objects no matter what data source they are bound to.

Form Objects bound to a variable can be get/set using the Self command, but there is no equivalent command for Form Objects bound to a C_OBJECT property, which makes generic programming very challenging.

There’s another Feature Request to solve this issue by extending the This command to work in an Object method when it is bound to an object property. I like this idea a lot, but it could be a bit confusing because you need to know to use Self if the Object is bound to a Variable, and This if it’s bout to a C_OBJECT.

It is possible to get/set Form Objects bound to an Object Property, which I describe in the other Feature Request. It’s very “hacky”, and it doesn’t work in 100% of situations, but it does make it possible.