We are proud to announce our new Tooltip 4D component :


[]29357539;“Info alert Tip…”[/]

AJUI_Tip is a modern UI tooltip engine that will help and assist the user of your 4D application to understand unknown or unfamiliar objects in a 4D Form or the result of a process of data entry…

[]29357544;“Display you own form in the Tip…”[/]

Make it a try, you will be amazed by its capability.


AND it’s free !

Maurice, this is really cool stuff.

Thanks for sharing



AND it’s free !

Arghh! je suis un early bird

What is the diffrence with the previous component?

Take a look to the documentation which is available in english and in French.

Take a look to the lab too.

This is a total refactoring of the initial AnotherTip component. Much much stronger and quicker.

The main difference is :

  • Subform possible in a tip,
  • Tip multi-styled,
  • Simultaneous Animation possible,
  • Object notation,
  • Formula for Getters and Setters,
  • etc.