Alternative Click and a Form's method

I have been using 3D Buttons on forms with their pop-up menu set to “Linked”.
They work great, except they do not trigger an event in the form’s method like a pop-up/drop-down object would. On Alternative Click is not in the form properties.

Has anyone discovered a work around to detect this missing event?


the “linked” feature exists for disambiguation.

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if you want to handle regular click and alternative click separately, you should disable it.

Alternative Click allows the button to behave like the Mac OS menu bars, which halves the number of clicks required to make a selection. The difficulty is that values on a form would not get updated because the form gets no signal that the button was used when it has the Linked setting. When the pop-up feature is disabled in the Properties list, Alternative Click disappears. When Separated, the user must click twice to make a selection, if the form needs to get a signal the button was used.

I’ve used an invisible button on top of a 3D button with the correct look to simulate the behavior. Maybe that’s the best option.


about the property list (applicable form events) for 3D button object

when you create a 3D button with the popup arrow “none”, the on alternative click event is masked (in the “all” view).

when you select “separated” or “linked”, it remains masked in the “all” view, but by triggering an update of the property list, by re-selecting the button or by toggling views in the property list or by simply moving 4D away from frontmost, you’d see that event is available. it is simply an update issue of the property list.

as for handling the event at the form level, you are right, only the classic click/double click events are available. I can only guess why. perhaps it was an omission when the events were introduced in v2004. perhaps it is intentional to separate generic click events from context specific click events (header, long, alternative).

after all, the popup menu property is nothing more than a cosmetic feature. you have to call dynamic popup menu explicitly. if there is no need to make the distinction between a regular click and an alternative click, and you are only interested in displaying the small arrow, I agree, you have more control using the on clicked event and handle the cosmetic aspect yourself.