Amount of Users does not match Licences

Product :4D - 4D Server
Since v16 we have a serious problem that the amount of users there are logged in the 4D Server does not matched the amount of licences (more licences are taken then users).

We are now slowly updating more and more Servers to v17.1, but in this version the problem still exists.

I think it is a serious bug, but i can’t imagine that we are the only one who have this problem.
I know of one other 4D developer who has the same problem.

So my question is does anyone else have this problem and my second question is 4D aware of this problem ?

I added some screenshots so you can see what the problem is.
We have the problem in v17.1 Windows Server 64 bits, 64 bits clients Windows
(and legacy network layer)

It really is anoying because customers keep calling they cannot login anymore because of this bug and we have to buy extra licences because of this bug ?!


We have seen the same problem since v16 on Mac as well. 17.0 build 17.230889

The same thing for us.
even if this morning it was in contrary : More users then used licences !
Anyway we regulary need to restart the server to reset the number of used licences.

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Are you sure you use legacy network layer ?
I have had this problem but only with the new network layer :frowning:

Actually with 4d V17.1, 64 bit server, 32 bit clients and old legacy network layer I don’t have this problem.

We use 64 bit server and 64 bit client, with 4D v17.1 hf1, legacy network and have this problem on several sites.

With 64 bit application there is no more “App Nap option” (macOS specific) you can desactivate, can it be a part of the problem ? If the application is told to sleep by the OS (of the client) what’s happen in the server side :?: ghost client ?

The same for us. We are running under windows server 64 bits with all sleeping mode disable.
Some of them are running with the legacy network, some of them with the old protocol.
We have been suspecting ODBC connection to the 4D database but it s happen with sites ho doesn’t ue ODBC connection.

BEWARE: what are you naming “OLD PROTOCOL” ?

Legacy network layer IS the old one !

The new network layer (ServerNet) is the new one (normally by default in 64 bit).

This morning i saw something strange.
When i opened the Administration Window of a Server of which i know that it has this problem. (we allways close the administration window), i saw something strange.

In the users tab it said 60 Users, number of licences taken 74
Somehow 4D was trying to update the administration window because after a few seconds i saw 68 licences taken and the number of Users was still at 60.
Then i pressed the Processes tab and the Sql Server tab and then i pressed the Monitor tab again and then it suddenly said 62 licences taken and there where still 60 Users connected.
So in 30 seconds or so i went from 74 to 62 licences taken, and the Users connected was still at 60

Could it be that closing the Administration Window has something to do with it ?
We will try to leave it open to see if it does.
And also try to disable the sql server to see if it helps.

I confirm that there are some refresh problems on the Administration Window on the server.
If this is only a refresh problem it does not matter, BUT if this is a real licence count problem THAT matter :-?

I’m starting to see this problem as well. Users keep complaining they can’t connect and when I check the administration window and count users, I see the users tab is correct, yet 4d server is stating all licences are in use…

It seems to me that this problem may only appear after the server has been running for quite a long time ? maybe licences are not released properly on certain circumstances (4d client force quit ?)


We are getting this constantly with two of our clients on 17.1 (they don’t have reliable country wide internet but most often then not it’s fast and stable).

Licence used is about double users logged in. I think this should be considered as high priority as clients cannot use the full concurrent licences they’ve paid for.

Hi Andrei
I think you hve to try with the 17.2. Since we are using this version things are going muche better.

Thanks for confirmation that there are improvement on that front in 17.2. We are not always fast to jump to newest patch version because of poor internet in the context of our clients. (full installer is around 400mb, and replacing 4dc is only 20mb)

Will try 17.2 with badly affected instance and will post our results.

The issue seems to be gone for me since I upgraded the production application to v16.6 a few weeks ago. Fingers are crossed but so far so good :slight_smile: