[ANN] AJ_Tools_UnitTest v1.02 is available

We are proud to announce our Simple Unit Test Module for 4D component :

      • AJ_Tools_UnitTest * * *

The powerful new release 4D V18 is now available and as promised we are ready !

The component has been rewritten to be fully compliant with the new 4D V18 Release (4DZ component)

AJ_Tools_UnitTest is a component developed with 4D. Its purpose is to give 4D developers a way to do unit test and partial integration tests within 4D


More about it:

:ch: :fr: https://ch-fr.4d.com/aj-suite

:ch: :de: https://ch-de.4d.com/aj-suite

AND it’s free !

NB : Minimum requirements : 4D v17R5 or 4D v18


Maybe I’m missing something very simple, but do you have a link to and English site? I see German and French…

Sorry if it’s obvious…


Hi Steve,

Actually both links lead to our website in German and French, but the information page about our components is still in English!


Thank you, I will try again…