[ANN] AJUI_Breadcrumb 1.0

We are proud to announce our new Breadcrumb 4D component :

      • AJUI_Breadcrumb - Navigation UI graphical tool * * *

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AJUI_Breadcrumb is a component developed with version 17R5 of the 4D language. It allows you to dynamically generate and display Breadcrumbs in the context of a form.

What is a Breadcrumb?

As part of a business application created with 4D, Breadcrumbs serve as an effective visual aid, indicating the location of the user within an application hierarchical levels. This property makes breadcrumb navigation a great source of contextual information for users and helps them to find answers on following questions:

The component offers several methods to customize and manipulate your breadcrumb using an object with Getters and Setters created using the New Formula feature of 4D V17R3.

We provide a “How Do I” with the application “AJUI_BreadcrumbLab” which will help you to test and understand what you can do with this component. A lot of templates are provided, ready to use.

Breadcrumbs are drawn on SVG which creates beautifully rendered breadcrumb on Mac and Windows.

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Give it a try

:ch: :fr: https://ch-fr.4d.com/ajuibreadcrumb

:ch: :de: https://ch-de.4d.com/ajuibreadcrumb

AND it’s free !

NB : Minimum requirements : 4D v17R5 - also available and certified for 4D v18 Beta

https://ch-fr.4d.com/aj-suiteMore about AJ_Suite tools and components> :