[ANN] AJUI_Breadcrumb 1.1

I’m proud to announce our new release AJUI_Breadcrumb 1.1 and it’s updated Lab & HDI : AJUI_BreadcrumbLab

What’s new since version 1.0?

We now use Github as a repository for all our files. You will find this link on our website:


• CornerRadius of the section scale rather than use the same value as the container
• New template for the Lab and some fix
• Lab version added in the title of the lab

We have updated the component documentation (some rewriting and some new stuff) to take into account the new features and corrections in version 1.1

We provide you with a brand new specific manual for the application AJUI_BreadcrumbLab

AJUI_BreadcrumbLab is now provided in its source code.

4D v18 will arrive very soon in 2020. We still have some surprises in store for you as soon as this version is available!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2019 to all of you.

2020 will be a very big year!