[ANN]: Component QS_ToolBox 1.90

We are very pleased to release the new version of our component QS_ToolBox.

Some UI bugs have been corrected and some improvements have been done on the previous functions.
This new release has one objective: be able to help method translation from EN to FR and also, the reverse too.
Here is the little description of this new function and as usual, we thank very much the initial contributor of the idea.

NEW (v1.90): Convert EN/FR:

  • Initial idea from A. de Montard. All concept has been rewritten.
  • Based on all command names, constants and keywords used by 4D, allow the conversion from EN->FR or FR->EN of your code.
  • Insert code to translate is done by copy/paste.
  • Get translated code by copy/paste
  • Allow to save the converted code directly as a new method into the host database
  • Search Command or Constant from the current 4D version

We hope that this version will help you as the previous ones did.

King regards

A new version of the file has been set on the http://association-qualisoft.eu/qs_toolbox/website> to correct few UI issues.
Thanks to people who report this.