[ANNONCE] ogMDpalette - Launch!

we are happy to announce the availability of our new component to manage colors, with to models : the old 4D and the new MD (Material Design from Google).

This is very easy and usefull to switch to the MD model, and methods to convert to and from 4D and MD, single color and twin colors (Stroke and Fill) are provided.
All color’s palettes in SVG.

For now, the HDI is compiled, soon with interpreted base and economic model.

Fell free to test it : http://www.protee.org/index.php/fr/telecharger/4d-components-and-hdi/65-hdi-mdpalette-1HDI mdPalette>

Olivier Grimbert,
Protée sarl

Sorry for those were are downloading right now, it is perhaps corrupted as I’m just making an update now.

To make some interface indications clearer.
And repair the 4D to MD converter tool.

Download done ! 15:19

Cheers :slight_smile: