Annoying problem with web send http redirect

I have a small but annoying problem with command web send http redirect.
When using it to point to a particular section of an external web page, such as, it works as intended, I land right at the Career section of the page.
However when using it with the same syntax to reach a page of my 4D-generated site, I invariably land at the top of page.
The section where I want to land is properly flagged (id=“Career”), as demonstrated by the fact that when I enter the page’s url manually in my browser, I go straight to the said section.
What bothers me is that 4D seems to transform the “#” sign of my url into “%23”. I’ve tried using Char(35) instead of “#” to no avail. When going to wikipedia, it keeps the “#” intact.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

what you describe does sounds annoying.

that said, I think the command WEB SEND HTTP REDIRECT is just a utility method
that could be replaced by standard

ARRAY TEXT($headerNames;3)
ARRAY TEXT($headerValues;3)


$headerValues{2}:=“302 Found”
$headerValues{3}:=“Simple Web Server”

APPEND TO ARRAY($headerNames;“Location”)

WEB SET HTTP HEADER($headerNames;$headerValues)

Beautiful, thank you, it works!