Anybody using Citrix?

Our client has been using Citrix environment to run 4D Client to access 4D server v13.
Now they have upgraded to 4D v17 and having an issue.
They say they can launch only one instance of 4D on Citrix server. As soon as somebody else launch it, the previous one stops.

Anybody using Citrix?

I have been using Citrix with version v15, without any problems

I am feeling that the issue is Citrix settings. But I am not an expert on Citrix.
I just cannot rule out a possibility of 4D v17.3 having an issue with Citrix.

I have used Citrix in a production environment from v11 to v17 no issues. However as was mentioned, I think there is a setting on the Citrix side that may be needed… not sure wha that is.


Do you use a merged client? Or a plain 4D,exe in Citrix environment?

Hi, We also use 4D in a citrix environment
We use merged client, i.e. 4D Volume Desktop v18R2
In the past we had some user write privilege problems, but because of improvements from 4D we have no problems anymore
The only thing I can think of is some problems getting the name of the machine that started the session (see thread from today)
I forget to mention that we don’t need write access on the 4D data file, so that is making thinks easier for us