Anyone remember in what version…

… these features were included in 4D:

  • local variables
  • pointers to global variables
  • blob
  • pointers to local variables

pointers to local variable exist since 2004.1


the others are prehistoric…

but you can lookup the language reference and check the History > Created section

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I’m quite sure blobs came with v6. I think pointers on global (you mean process/interprocess?) variables too. For $variables, I started 4D with v4 and I don’t remember it was “$ depleted” - but that’s far!

Thanks Arnaud and Miyako.
I started with 4D version 1 in 1985.
So you can guess how much my memory is fragile. :frowning:

I asked this question because I was astonished when I was reviewing recent code from young professional developers still using global variables instead locals, pointers, blobs (or objects today) as parameters.