Automatic object naming system Not working 17.3

Up to now since version 1.0 as far as I can recall, in form creation when you created a new object on the form, 4D automatically assigned an appropriate name to it. If there were 20 text areas named TEXT through TEXT19, the next one you created would have a default name “TEXT20”.

Now when you create a new text area it’s called “TEXT” no matter how many “TEXT##” areas you have. Also true for buttons; I haven’t tested other elements. When these objects have the same name as other objects, they misbehave in various ways. If I wasn’t lazy and gave each object its own unique name I guess this wouldn’t be an issue but human nature being as it is…

Hello Mr. Scott,

I tested on the versions 17.x and it is not reproducible, the field “object name” is incremented automatically during the creation of a new form object (fields text, boutton, listbox …).

If you still have this issue, can you please send us a video for the demonstration.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation

PS: Attached a screenshot of my test

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I have tested more extensively and it appears it only happens on one particular form I work on frequently. Here is a screen shot where I have just added “sample text”, which is selected, and the associated property window. The object numbering system did not work as there are many text objects already on this form all with TEXTxx names. On this form this naming problem also occurred for buttons.

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It may just be that something about this form is damaged.

I think this is the normal behavior.

An example, we have the objects:
--------- here we should have an object named text3.

If we create a new one, it wil be text3.
If now we delete the first one, the one named text (without number) and we create a new one, it wil be text (without number).
If we delete text2 and we create a new one, it will be text2, and so on.

In other words, the objects will be named secuentialy and recovering “positions?”.