Automatic update error


In a 4D Server 18 R2 build 248254 working on Mac Mini Mac Os Catalina 10.15.3

Upgrading from v17 R6 to V18 R2

In a network with 1 windows 10 machine and 6 mac os Catalina and 1 Mac Os High Sierra

In 1 Windows machine and 1 mac minis and 1 imacs (1 High Sierra) it works fine

The other machines 2 mac minis and 2 imacs at time of upgrading get the following error:

Error code : 652 (xbox)

I send you image of the error.

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I assume you need to contact tech support (TAOW) to collect more information on your case to understand what’s happening, as this did not happened for our internal applications and so far not for other customers, so we need to learn what’s different on your side…

When does that happen?
When the client r6 starts? With the message that there is an update? When the update runs? In which moment, while downloading, before, after? What is the content of the update.log?

You see, a lot of questions, and these are those only first in my mind.

I’ll suggest to start checking the update log. This file is supposed to tell you where it was, hopefully even what failed.
For Catalina: with Catalina Beta test we had some issues with the auto update application itself. You could try to remove it, to force R6 to reinstall it.
Path depends of your computer and application name, something like:
/Users/thomas/Library/Application\ Support/4DGMBH\ Client/4D/Updater/

Beside that file you also find the Updater Logs folder

If this works on one computer, before you do the same on the next, please use Get Info on the “old/wrong” updater application to get it’s version number, which could help to understand why it fails…

If this all does not help, please contact tech support

Hi Thomas.

I’ll investigate more in my next actuallization.
I copied the program directly when the automatic installation failed (on the affected computers) so they could work.
I send the error quickly, to make 4D aware of the problem.