Bizarre Behavior of Merged Application Only

17.1 with the Mac OS 10.14.4 None of the behavior described below occurs when running interpreted or compiled code. It occurs only when running a merged application. Signed, “—deep” signed, unsigned, having “detritus” cleared via terminal or not makes no difference.

When filling in an entry screen all goes well until I do something (like enter an invalid email address) that causes one of my custom alert dialogs to appear. When the dialog is dismissed all the previously entered fields of any type, including picture, become empty. If I’m on page 2 of a 2 page screen, page 1 also goes blank. I don’t have 17.0 any more to see if that’s different.

Does anyone have any experience with this bizarre phenomenon? I will probably re-download 17.1 and try that but I’m not optimistic.

Found some errant code that for some reason did not cause problems except in the merged version. Easy fix.