Boolean column in collection listbox displays "True" and "False"

How do you format a boolean column in a collection-based listbox as a checkbox? 4D by default seems to display them as the string True/False.

If you change the expression to Bool(expr), then enterability gets really weird.

I just want a checkbox, like with an array-based listbox.

did you select the “boolean type” for your column ?

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and here is a sample

This should help !




This is working for me on Mac 4D v17.0 but not on Windows 7 32-bit 4D v17 R2 last build.

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It is working as well on Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bits and 4d v17.0 but not with v17 R2.

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Thanks everyone - it looks like it doesn’t work in Mac 32-bit, but it’s good in 64-bit.

I was using 32-bit at the time.

Sorry, in Windows 10 I was using 4D 32-bit. If both Windows and 4D v17R2 are 64-bit, it works. So it looks like there is a problem with v17R2 32-bit.

Hi Roland,

I have tested your DB and it works.
I have the same case and I can’t select boolean type for Data type selector : why ?
It happens in some cases and I don’t understand why.
Thanks for your help…