Break points not persisting after a restart of 4D


I recently upgraded a 4DB from v14R5 to v17R3. Ever since then any break points that I set are lost when I quit 4D and start it again. Any break points set work normally during an editing session, they’re just lost when 4D quits.

There were 2 break points set in the 4DB in v14R5 before it was upgraded to v17R3, and after a 4D restart those 2 break points are back, and are the only 2 that are set.

Does anyone know why this might happen? Where are the break points saved? Is there a file I can look at to see if the access right are correct.


Same happening here once we upgraded to V16…very annoying!


Is anyone from 4D able to comment on this? It would be great to have a hint as to where to look for what’s happening. As Steve said, it’s very annoying to have to reset break points all of the time.


Better open TAOW case, posting in this forum is not enough to get attention. I didn’t have similar case while I worked for 4D, so I don’t have idea what could case the issue.

Will do. Thanks Milan.