Bug reports

Can a non-partner report a bug any more? I know it used to be possible.


Hello Jeremy,

You can report your bug via TAOW if you are not partner by using the top green button “Report a bug without assistance”:


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Where do you grab this feature?

Sign in, Bertrand. It will appear.



It seems taht at the beginning TAOW was partner-aimed and non-partner couldn’t open a ticket

T’as quel niveau chez 4D pour avoir un bouton (Déclarer une prestation) que je n’ai pas ? je suis jaloux… :hushed:

Buttons privilege is a lottery :slot_machine:


The recommended way to report a bug is to use TAOW with a support contract.
If you don’t have such a contract, you can still report your bug by clicking on the “Report a bug without assistance” button.

So, it depends on your profil to see or not the appropriate button (bug without assistance or tech. case with assistance).
I hope it is clear for all.