Cache reload when connecting to server v18


I notice that the cache management in 4D remote is changed to v 18
In my case I could trigger the “cache reload” by
changing my network connection from Wifi to wired.
Changing network interface, and between the changes,
make a new connection to my very same 4D server, results in
new cache folders at each login.
Same 4D app, same server and not restarted, having the adress set to a dns name.
My tech representative said that:
“This is basically a standard behavior , the ip change triggers the resource loading which is normal since it is considered as if a new client is trying to connect . A workaround to this would be using static ip adresses (no dhcp ) or somehow configuring vpn to keep an ip for a time duration (timeout like).”

I would like to improve this behavior. For some reasons 4D saw advantages with
updating the cache more frequently with v18. However I would like to have this reviewed so that WAN connections not necessarily reload the complete cache each new connection. Maybe only the changed resources should download.

It doesn’t make sense to put much effort in improving/trimming
the WAN performance, when you at each new connection over WAN
get punished with a complete new cache folder of a couple of hundreds Mb.
I see difficulties managing static IP addresses when connecting over WAN
(cell, wifi etc.).

Best Regards