CalendarSet version 6 released

CalendarSet version 6 is now available!

CalendarSet version 6 includes the original API (no change needed in your existing code) as well as the more recent property-based API and adds new features:

  • Year view
  • display
  • Separate scrolling of all-day events area in Day/Week views
  • Separate 64-bit build signed & notarized on Mac
  • 40 new properties

See All details here.

And as always:

  • Compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit modes (4D v15, v16, v17, v18 and above)
  • Views: “old” month view (as in previous versions), iCal type views:
  • day
  • week
  • month
  • Support of the iCalendar (RFC 2445) format, including importing/exporting from/to .ics files
  • Predefined Styles
  • New commands to set and get properties
  • New “Agenda” API
  • 200 properties to set all parts of the agenda through 4 themes:
  • Area
  • Event
  • Style
  • Other

The new plugin has become a great success and I want to support Phil with this.

I had the opportunity to work intensively with the programmer during development.
And a great result was achieved.

If someone is interested, here is my test version, which I created to test the new commands. The programming style is quick & dirty and was only meant for my internal testing. But I find this test version more informative than the demo of e-node, because the individual commands are clearer to understand and changes to the code can be made more easily.
For beginners this version is much easier to understand.

My test version:

Try it out, it looks nice and works very stable.


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