Can not save a record in an empty Encrypted table

I added a table named [Secure] with a few fields and set as encryptable. I’ve went through the steps to encrypt the datafile including setting up the passphrase. In fact I’ve done this twice now. The first time, as a test, worked as expected.

The second time when I attempt to save a record in [Secure] I get an error saying the table has not been encrypted. As you can see from the debugger the table is showing as not encrypted but the datafile is.

The difference is in the fist instance there were some existing records in the [Secure] table when I encrypted the datafile. In the second instance there were not. I removed encryption and added a record to [Secure]. Then I re-encrypted the datafile and everything worked as expected.

This smells like a bug but it’s all brand new to me so I would appreciate any thoughts.