Certificats Let's Encrypt® avec 4D

Originally published at: https://events.4d.com/summit2020/session/certificats-lets-encrypt-avec-4d-2/


Thank you, Bruno!

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Le composant “ACME Component” (et “4D”) ont été ajoutés sur la page de Let’s Encrypt® :innocent:


Excellente présentation, très claire et très bien documentée.

Merci Bruno.

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Thank you, Bruno. That was a wonderful session. The extra background on TLS, certificates, etc. in general was the clearest explanation I’ve heard. Very helpful!

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You are welcome :relaxed: glad you liked it and found it useful :slight_smile:

Merci Bruno, très bien expliqué…

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Most elegant lecture on the subject of TLS, takes you through the history of encryption, browser security, 4D, OpenSSL to Let’s Encrypt® and finishes with a comprehensive demo. Very informative and easy to follow!

The speaker always explains the background to each problem and points out the issue before moving on to the actual solution. Because of the logical explanation, we have a much better understanding of why things are done in a certain way, or why there are sometimes multiple ways to do the same thing.

Demo starts around 44:00…Using the tail command to show generate log in real-time was very cool!

Jotted down some takeaway points:

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PS : yes, I admit I often use “tail -f -n 50 mylogFile.txt” with green on black, it gives the “matrix” effect :innocent:

Doing research, I found that the NSA wrongly uses the photo of Arthur Scherbius on the page of Marian Rejewski.


Or I used the wrong picture for Arthur Scherbius (and the NSA is right). The picture I used is of Marian Rejewski :flushed: Sorry about that.

The group of polish mathematicians helped the Enigma breaking team in may ways (by sharing their early work, their knowledge and a sample enigma). There polish team was in Bletchley. They have a monument there in their memory.

I visited Bletchey Museum few years ago, I definitely recommend it !

I did not have enough time to get into the enigma and code breaking during the presentation. We talk a lot about Alan Turing but Gordon Welchman was also a key figure. He then went to work in the USA for the MITRE corporation and got in big troubles with “men in black” after writing a book about his time at Bletchely at the end of his life (in the early 80s).

It is fascinating that it took so many years for this achievement to be made public because it was even in the 80s considered classified.

Recently it was revealed that a swiss company called Crypto AG which was supplying cipher machines around the world (for embassies for instance) was secretly owned by the CIA which would make sure it could break the code of the systems sold by Crypto AG…

The NSA is suspected to have pushed for a “backdoored” elliptic curve algorithm : Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm

So, maybe in 30 years time, we will find out that the NSA can break all TLS communication… who knows.

Thanks to Ed Snowden things which looked like science fiction to a paranoid security engineer look more realistic.

Thanks a lot for this amazing presentation. Very instructive and useful.
About Enigma, you can get an example here in 4D.


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I tried to implement enigma for fun in 4D (many years ago), and without objects it was not that simple. I’ll definitely look at the code.

Hi Bruno,

Feel free for any improvement on this project.