Chercher dans une listbox collection


Comment écrire une recherche dans une listbox collection à partir du nom d’objet de ladite listbox ? Ou comment déduire le nom de la collection depuis le nom d’objet de la listbox collection ?

I think the way to see it is to decouple the form object (as identified by its name) and its data source in coding.

of course there are overlaps (such as LISTBOX SELECT ROWS) but it is no longer the case that we “either use the variable name or object name after *; but otherwise the result is more or less the same”.

now, access to the data source (e.g. Form.objects.LB1.col…) should be independent of the object name and vice versa. our code can be generic in other areas, but not in this domain.

technically with 17R we can introspect (FORM Convert to JSON) but that is not what the tool is designed for.

realistically, in any programming language, there must be boundaries where resolving dynamic code references is not an option, or else it defeats the purpose of using a language to code.

for a form object bound to an expression (listbox or otherwise, Form or otherwise), I think we need to acknowledge that the data source can not be identified from the object name, and adjust our code accordingly.

Thank you for this long answer. I’ll consider all of this