Click into numeric field/variable does not highlight the current value

Similar issue to this REALLY old thread:

Need to revisit this again.

In v15, when I click into a numeric field/variable in empty space to the left of an existing number, the whole number is automatically selected so when I start typing, I’m changing the value there.

If the field/variable was 0 and the display format shows no zeroes, when I click in 4D is displaying the 0 but it’s highlighted.

Move to v16R6, we’re back to the behavior outlined in the thread above (from 2012)…you end up with the insertion cursor either to the left of the 0 or existing number, or to the right of the existing number. You have to double-click into the cell to get everything highlighted.

Same bad behavior still exists in 4D v17 HF4.

Is there a database option or something that needs to be set to get the more desirable behavior of auto-highlighting numbers when you click into a field/variable?

This is aggravating users because they fail to notice the extra zero and up with 50 instead of 5, or 500 instead of 50.

Costly if you’re entering dollar figures and don’t notice.



ACI0095625 when the “type” property of a variable is set to “string”, clicking on the left side of a right-aligned numeric value did not select and highlight the value, regardless of the value type of the data source (field or variable). in other words, it was highlighted as if it the value was textual. placing the cursor to the left of the value.

this was fixed in 15.3 HF1.

but you are right, it looks like we have a regression.
what is worse, setting the type to “numeric” does not solve it.

new bug # is ACI0099033.