Col.distinct() returns randomly sortorder when col has entries from type obj

Test with Mac 4Dv18.0 build 18.249095

Why col.distinct() returns randomly sort order in resultCol
only when the srcCol has entries from type object ???

For example: a distinct() to get only unique not null entries.

<code 4D>
// Collection with elements from type text
// colFunction “distinct()” constant/always return a resultCol
// with same order/sort as its given by orgCol/srcCol
$col:=New collection(“a:true”;“x:false”).distinct()

// Collection with elements from type Object (or object-formula and maybe other types)
// colFunction “distinct()” return a resultCol
// with randomly any different order/sort anytime when you executed.
$col:=New collection(New object(“a”;True);New object(“x”;False)).distinct()
</code 4D>

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