Create a custom object library

Hi everyone, today i have a request to make a list with some specific features, with a search bar and a hierarchical view without using hierarchical objects, said so, i want to make a library object which i can use in other developments.

i`ve looked into the manuals but i can’t find any information about how to create a library, maybe someone knows how to create this or have some info or manuals/tutorials that i could use to learn and implement this in my applications?

(P.D: What i am looking is doing something similar to bootstrap’s select2

Thanks for your help

Hello Jorge

Isn’t the "Menu/File/New/Object Library… what you’re looking for ?

Once created it can be used just like the internal Object Library (that you access via the form editor) except the one you create is read/writable.

If you use the project mode, ANY 4D project can be opened as a library with a few limitations (only project forms are visible form library and only page 1 of multipage forms are available)

More info can be read in this blog :


Roland Lannuzel


IMHO a subform - within a component or without a component - should be a more convenient

Thanks for your answer, it seems a bit complicated to implement, i vote to use a subform inside a component just to share it with other databases.

Thanks again

Have a nice day, and please protect yourself and others against coronavirus, best wishes from colombia!