cURL FTP plugin issue with version 2.1 -> 2.2


We use the cURL-FTP plugin from Miyako quite a while.

Until Version 2.1 this code worked very well.

OB SET($CurlOptions_o;‘URL’;$URL_t)
OB SET($CurlOptions_o;‘USERNAME’;‘myUsername’)
OB SET($CurlOptions_o;‘PASSWORD’;‘myPw’)

$Error_l:=cURL_FTP_GetDirList (JSON Stringify($CurlOptions_o);$list_t)
If ($Error_l=0)
ALERT('Error '+String($Error_l))
End if

Since we’ve installed the latest version 2.2 we always get an error 1.
Has anyone an idea what the reason could be or how we can adapt to get the sftp code running with the latest version?
Kind Regards

Product :4D - 4D Server
4D : v16.4
OS : Mac OS X.

2.2 is not the latest version :mrgreen:

Hi Miyako,
Sorry, I don’t know where we’ve got this version :frowning: Of course, with the latest carbon version 2.15
everything works fine again.
Thx a lot for your quick response.