Custom icons in client server build

Is there a way to make the Build application use a custom icon for the icons to build the client-server applications? Both for Windows and Mac OS. This way when installed the application will have an icon unique to the database when launched similar to the custom icon in the login window.

Did you mean this:
or this:


Sidebar: for Mac you need to use a composite icon file with many different image sizes.

Search “iconutil” or just use 4D for iOS to generate the icon file.


Thanks, Your pointer for the xml value combined with Keisukes tip on making the icons now have the appearance of the solutions app icons looking as expected, at least on the Mac Side. I will have to build the windows component. I did finr the 4D for IOS did not make app icons for the app. Instead I would up using the “iconutil” to make my icon set.

Hi, to generate .ico and .icn container, I use you just drop a big png file and you get the result. Ready for mac and windows…